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Mar 26, 2024

I was recently reading the January/February 2024 issue of “Science Scope,” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association, for middle school science teachers.

In this issue, I read the section on the “Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students.”  The selections are a collaboration of the National Science Teaching Association and the Children’s Book Council.

In part 2 of this podcast series, I share seven more books that were selected for middle-school students.  The books are:

“A Star Explodes: The Story of Supernova 1054” by James Gladstone

“Old Enough to Make a Difference: Be Inspired by Real-Life Children Building a More Sustainable Future” by Rebecca Hul

“Becoming Bionic” by Heather Camlot

“Extra Life (Young Readers Adaptation) by Steven Johnson

“Hidden Systems” by Dan Nott

“Sisters in Science” by Linda Elovitz Marshall

“The Woman in the Moon” by Richard Maurer